Dining Out for Life 2011

March 10th marks the 15th annual Capitol Area Dining Out for Life. This is a wonderful one-day event where area restaurants pledge to contribute anywhere from 100%-25% of their nightly earnings to Food and Friends.

Food and Friends is one of my favorite local organizations. It is the only organization in the Washington Metropolitan area that provides home-delivered meals, groceries, and nutrition counseling to people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-challenging illnesses free of charge.

Some wonderful restaurants are involved in this year’s event including Posto (donating 100%), Bistro du Coin (50%), Dino (35%), Bistro La Bonne (35%), BlackSalt (25%), Hank’s Oyster Bar (25%), Ray’s the Classics (25%), Urbana (25%), and Firefly (25%).

Last year my girlfriends and I had a great Dining Out For Life dinner at Commonwealth (RIP!). We even ran into a Member of Congress and his entire staff (hint, hint Capitol Hill…while you’re avoiding a government shutdown, do some good for the DC community.)

So make a reservation, grab a group, enjoy some delicious food, and donate to a very worthy cause!

P.S. Food and Friends are still looking for volunteers to work as Restaurant Ambassadors on March 10th. If you are interested go here.

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