Central….To Go!

You’ve had a long day at work. When the lunch bell rings you in no way, shape, or form want another boring chopped salad or the frozen solid “emergency” Lean Cuisine you keep in the office fridge.  What you would really like is a bucket of chicken and all the appropriate sides, but you couldn’t bear the thought of going the fast food route.

Instead head over to Central, one of the most popular restaurants in D.C. The more casual yet stylized bistro of James Beard Award winning chef Michel Richard just launched a gourmet take-out menu. One of the highlights is Michel’s Fried Chicken Bucket. For $29.95 you get six pieces (three breasts and three thighs) of deliciously fried chicken, along with 10 chicken nuggets, Central’s house-made Dijonnaisse sauce and an order of mashed potatoes. Now THAT is finger lickin’ good.

Also on the menu you can find Chef Richard’s famous cheeseburger, a goat cheese Caesar salad, crab cake sandwich, Brussel sprouts with bacon, and the to-die-for chocolate bar.

Photo by Len Depas

Central is one of my favorite restaurants in D.C. This is likely the closest I’ll ever get to having Chef Richard cooking in my teeny, tiny kitchen….but for now this is good enough for me!

The Take-Out menu is available at Lunch: Monday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm. Carry-out available Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm and Dinner Monday-Saturday 5:30pm-10:30pm. Call 202-626-0015

Photo by Moshe Zusman

2 responses to “Central….To Go!

  1. Artisan Resident

    Not true about dinner… they are only offering it during dinner when they aren’t “busy”, which isn’t often. Tried calling for dinner take out and they said they weren’t doing it.

  2. The information I was provided with just the other day (from the restaurant itself) says differently. The times are above. I know they are targeting the special menu for lunch hours in particular but everything I have been provided with includes dinner as well. The info can be found here: http://www.centralmichelrichard.com/eat/

    Perhaps it was a strangely busy night or you called before the official launch.

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