The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Last week I was in San Francisco visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and niece, Maile. We had beautiful weather on Saturday so Matt took me down to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. This farmers market puts anything we have in DC to shame.

First off it’s huge! There is stall after stall of fresh produce, fine cheeses, seafood, meats, and breads. On top of all of that there were a number of vendors selling different types of meals— freshly made tamales, vegan soups, kielbasa on buns, smoked salmon bagel sandwiches, and juice smoothies. It was a food lover’s paradise. I could have easily spent the entire day there. People residing in California, especially San Francisco, are so lucky because they are surrounded by so many farms specializing in all different types of crops. There were a number of vegetables in season, most notably asparagus, that haven’t even reached the markets in DC yet.

I was most blown away by the citrus…obviously something I don’t get as much of in the Mid-Atlantic. The oranges I sampled were the freshest I’ve ever tasted—juicy and vibrant in their flavor. There were also mounds of grapefruits and lemons. It reminded me of the big cartons of citrus my Grandpa Milt would send us each year from Florida when I was a child. The actual farmers market is just the beginning of the trip though.

There is also a more permanent structure with restaurants and more food stalls inside the Ferry Building. We picked up some salmon from there for the dinner I was making later that night. I can’t wait to return to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on future visits to San Francisco. It’s a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

Of course let’s not kid ourselves…this is the main reason why I fly cross country every few months:

The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is located along the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street. It is open year-round on Tuesdays from 10am-2pm and Saturdays from 8am-2pm.


2 responses to “The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

  1. Great pics! Come back any time … for the market or Maile girl!

  2. oh how I miss San Francisco!!!
    Your niece is adorable.

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