Cheese for Charity

This coming Sunday, April 11th, according to the Powers That Be, is National Cheese Fondue Day. While it might not be a Hallmark holiday, it is a pretty awesome celebration! I have very fond memories of eating fondue as a child, usually for my birthday. We would use the fondue pot my parents got as a wedding gift in the early 70s, fully equipped with fondue forks in the classic 1970 hues of mustard yellow, olive green, chocolate brown, and burnt orange. While we only had cheese fondue once or twice, my Mom would cut up strips of chicken and beef, we would cook them in a hot pot of oil and then dip them in the various sauces my Mom mixed up. I loved it!

Fondue is a fun, social, adventurous way to have a meal. And now you can do it for a good cause. In honor of National Cheese Fondue Day, Melting Pot restaurants around the DC/VA/MD area will be hosting Cheese for Charity. They will be opening early, and from 1pm-9pm $10 of every cheese fondue purchased will benefit a wonderful charity. The Arlington and Reston locations will be donating to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Gaithersburg proceeds will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and money raised from the Washington, D.C. location will go to Food and Friends. All of these are wonderful charities that I have a close connection to, so grab a few friends, make a reservation, and head over to the Melting Pot to celebrate National Cheese Fondue Day.

There are still reservations available on OpenTable or you can call the restaurants directly:

Washington, DC—(202) 857-0777
Arlington— (703) 243-4490
Gaithersburg— (301) 519-3638
Reston— (703) 264-0900

P.S. I also highly recommend that you sign up for The Melting Pot’s newsletter, Club Fondue. They have fun events all the time: Ladies’ Night, Double Date Night, and Wine Down Wednesdays. Plus when you sign up, you get a certificate for a free chocolate fondue. Yum!

Picture courtesy of Monsieurb44


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