Top Chef Comes to Washington, DC!!

Exciting news rippled across the DC foodie rumor mill last week: Top Chef’s Season 7 will take place in DC!  First reported by Metrocurean and then confirmed by the New York Times it has become clear that Chef Collichio, Padma, and the gang will be wandering the streets of our Nation’s Capitol, cooking up a storm, and finally sealing the deal that D.C. is a legitimate food destination.

As a Top Chef fan from Day 1 this is incredibly exciting! The opportunities for fun Quick Fire and Elimination Challenges are endless. Just in case Bravo and the Top Chef crew are looking for a few ideas, I’ve brainstormed some possibilities for the upcoming cheftestants. (Just make sure to remember me during Restaurant Wars!)

Courtesy of DC Chelovek

*Ever since creating this blog, I have been obsessed with researching the menus of various state dinners over the years. For an Elimination Challenge cheftestants will meet at the Library of Congress where they will research state dinner menus from various Administrations. In teams they will then have to recreate the meals and serve them in an elegant setting. White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford will serve as the guest judge.

*Capitalizing on First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative, chefs will head to a local public school and will be tasked with creating a tasty and healthy school lunch. The kids and ideally Michelle will be the judges. If Sasha and Malia want to come along, even better! This would also be the perfect place for Equinox’s Chef Todd Gray to act as a guest judge if the FLOTUS is unavailable.

*Similar to the above challenge, it would be wonderful if Top Chef could highlight one of the many fantastic local organizations that helps feed to needy in our city. They could do a similar challenge above at DC Central Kitchen or Martha’s Table.

*For a long time I have been dying for the cheftestants to hold a tailgating party. DC isn’t exactly home to a Big Ten school, and it mig

Courtesy of El Aderezo-Blog de Cocina

ht not work with the timing of when they will be in town (starting in April), but it would be a lot of fun if each person had to create a tailgating dish and then serve is to the students of University of Maryland or Georgetown.

*Embassy Challenge- Each cheftestants will have to choose a different embassy and create a cocktail and hors d’eauver  representing that country’s cuisine. They can serve all of the items at a Kennedy Center reception (picture the shot of all the guests walking through the Hall of Nations).

*Many cheftestants would be forced to work outside of their comfort zone, but seeing that DC is home of Jose Andres, a molecular gastronomy challenge might be in order.

*Two places I would like to see highlighted in some way: Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. (Actually if they can hang out in Dupont Circle as much as possible, the happier I’ll be.)

So what would you like to see on Season 7 of Top Chef?

Courtesy of Eric G. Brown


7 responses to “Top Chef Comes to Washington, DC!!

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  2. ivorypomegranate

    These are awesome ideas! At first I missed the part about these being your ideas and I thought they were real.

  3. Love the healthy school lunches idea! That would be a wonderful tie in to the current movement towards creating healthier fare in public schools.

  4. Think it kicks off this week with a cherry challenge?

  5. Well I know filming begins this week. It would be great if they did a cherry themed quick fire.

  6. Ethnic food challenge!!! DC has great ethnic food (ahem Ethiopian yum) so that would be good. Or make the cheftestants work in a food truck in Chinatown during the lunch hour rush!

    I love the idea about the Hall of Nations…

  7. I love the ethnic food idea! Kind of like the embassy challenge above.

    I thought about a food truck challenge serving lunch around K Street but they did something similar a few seasons ago serving drunk people outside of a bar in foodtrucks.

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