My Foodie New Year’s Resolution

Photo courtesy of Legal Nonresident on Flickr

Come January 1st I, along with the rest of America, will be vowing to go to sleep earlier, get to the gym more, and pick up a new hobby like learning how to use a crossbow or knitting.  This year I decided to make a Foodie New Year’s Resolution. And since I’m putting it on my blog for the entire world to see, I pretty much need to stick to it.

In 2010 I resolve to once a month get outside of my comfort zone in the kitchen, push the envelope a little, and try new things. This activity could take on a variety of different forms. Maybe once month I’ll try to cook with an exotic new ingredient (I just won a cook book from that includes a recipe for frogs Provencal…I’m pretty sure that counts as both exotic and new for me.) Another month I’ll try to create recipes outside of my classic French/Italian comfort zone and maybe make an Indian feast. I

Photo courtesy of Velo Steve on Flickr

would also like to learn how to use new spices like curry and Thai chilies. And if I can master the art of the soufflé I’ll be a happy girl. And of course I promise to write all about it on State Dinner…even the disasters (and I imagine they’ll be a few).

So, what’s your foodie New Year’s resolution? Tell me below.


One response to “My Foodie New Year’s Resolution

  1. Hey Elyssa,
    If you are still interested in cooking an Indian Fest as part of your new year’s resolution, you should head on over to Casa Roessner. We just inherited a bunch of bulk , Indian spices from my friend who is moving away and cleaned out her kitchen. Frankly, I don’t know what to do with half of them, especially in such large quantities. Maybe we can brainstorm and have a cooking adventure together?
    Hope you are doing well & enjoying spring. I love reading your blog.

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