Food Blogger Happy Hour Sept. 2nd!


Do you plan out your dinner over breakfast? Are you a little overly invested in the outcome of the new season of Top Chef? Do you mark the beginning of shad roe season on your calendar? Do you track Barton Seaver’s every move? Do you find an outlet to write about all of this on the web? If so then you belong at Poste on September 2nd at 6pm for the DC Food Blogger’s Happy Hour!

Thanks to the great minds behind Arugula Files, Gradually Greener, and Modern Domestic for throwing this all together. Now we might finally find out who is behind our favorite foodie blogs.

All food bloggers and those active on the DC foodie scene are welcome. So will you be there?

Poste Moderne Brasserie- Hotel Monaco 555 8th St., NW Washington, DC 202-783-6060


One response to “Food Blogger Happy Hour Sept. 2nd!

  1. Thanks for posting this. See you soon!

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